Cats for Rehoming

  • The rescue is open to the public for viewing between 11.30am - 3.30pm daily. You do not need to make an appointment, just report to reception on arrival.

  • The fee for adopting a cat is £50.00. They are all vaccinated, microchipped, de-flead, wormed and neutered (if old enough).

  • Below are the current cats available for rehoming:

Nutmeg (aka Meg) - Tortoiseshell - 7/8yrs approx


Hi, my name is Nutmeg and itís quite fitting because sometimes Iím a bit of a  tough nut to crack but when you do Iím just simply lovely meg, but thatís just me. Iím proud of myself; I have learned to enjoy the company of humans. BUT thatís only IF they are 1. Patient with me 2. Let me come to them and 3. Allow me to head bump to show you I want a fuss, see itís simple! However, if you just presume I want attention and I donít, I may lash out and tell you off. Iím sorry, I can be a little bit grumpy sometimes (isnít everyone?!) I am working on it though. Iím a quiet cat and I like to spend my days curled up and snoozing on a comfy bed and occasionally a lap. I think my dream home would be somewhere without children and ideally somewhere with a garden that I can explore again, I used to love it out in the garden as Iím an avid birdwatcher. If you think that you could give me my forever home purrrrlease let the humans at Danemere know.

 Originally rehomed by one of our receptionists, Meg has unfortunately come back to Danemere due to a relationship breakdown. Meg used to be a very subdued, quiet cat that wasn't too fond of anyone. However she has come on in leaps and bounds, even enjoying sitting on your lap and loving a good groom! As you can see from the photographs she enjoys a good head rub. She also loves going outside but comes straight back in for Dreamies. Meg does not Ďget oní with other cats, you would never find her curled up with another cat but sheís quite happy to ignore them and keep herself to herself. Meg is a wonderful cat and definitely comes out of her shell in a home environment.

Meg is a lovely girl and we are so sad to see her back at Danemere - she deserves a new home once again.


Bagheera - ? yrs - Black


 Bagheera was found as a stray and taken to the local vet by a member of the public. We brought Bagheera back to Danemere in an effort to rehome him. He is quiet nervous at the moment but once he is fussed and fed he is a lovely cat. Unfortunately we don't have any history about Bagheera, so we are unable to say if he is OK with other cats or whether he has experienced dogs and children before. He is used to humans which suggests he has lived with a family before.

Once we get to know Bagheera a little better we will update his story accordingly.



Miley (short hair) ĖBlack and White Ė 5yrs approx


 Willow (longhair) Ė Black and White Ė 10 yrs approx


Miley is the also have for rehoming. Although we are not certain, we are suspicious that Miley is also the mother of Milo and Derek (since rehomed). Miley has such a wonderful calm temperament, even when we have given her treatment she has sat still, very relaxed with no problems whatsoever. She is a very lovely cat who enjoys lots of fuss and attention. She is also very inquisitive and brave and not been afraid of us at all!


The oldest of the bunch, Willow is a lovely old girl who enjoys the quiet life. She loves a fuss and will head bump you for more and more, especially if you're paying more attention to Miley. Willow would suit a home where she can relax and do as she wishes.



Hattie -2-4yrs  - White and Black



Hattie came to Danemere along with Munch, Presley, Peter and Wendy. Their owner had to work  longer hours and could not give them enough time or attention, therefore they are in need of new homes.

Hattie is very quiet and quite nervous at the moment, however once she has settled in we will update her bio accordingly. She loves a fuss when she has established who you are.

 Hattie is reserved 


Presley Ė 2-4yrs Ė Black



Presley came to Danemere along with Hattie, Munch, Peter and Wendy. Their owner had to work longer hours and could not give them enough time or attention, therefore they are in need of new homes.

Presely is quite a chatty cat and will greet you will a "hello (meow)Ē when you walk in to the cattery. He doesnít mind being picked up and loves a fuss. Presley is very friendly and a very confident chap.

 Presley is reserved

Peter Ė 2-4yrs Ė Black and White (longer haired)


Peter came to Danemere along with Hattie, Munch, Presley and Wendy. Their owner had to work longer hours and could not give them enough time or attention, therefore they are in need of new homes.

Peter loves to rub himself against your legs and ensure that you will give him some attention. He enjoys a head rub!

 Peter is reserved













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