Cats for Rehoming

  • The rescue is open to the public for viewing between 11.30am - 3.30pm daily. You do not need to make an appointment, just report to reception on arrival.

  • The fee for adopting a cat is £50.00. They are all vaccinated, microchipped, de-flead, wormed and neutered (if old enough).

  • Below are the current cats available for rehoming:

Munch- 2/4 yrs - Black and White (white breast)



Munch has returned to Danemere as she unfortunately was not settling in with her new family, we feel as though living with small children and other cats it was just too much for poor Munch. 

Munch is a confident little thing when she is being fussed and tends to be the " Boss” of other cats. She loves a head rub and requires a cheek rub when in need of attention! Munch is very vocal when she wants something (yummy food) and will also purr her way through the affection that anyone gives her and will even climb onto your lap if she's in a loving mood. We have been told that she's can be a bit temperamental / unpredictable with people at times however, since being here she has been fine. Munch would probably prefer and thrive in a quiet home without young children and where she is the only cat.

Tango - 5 yrs
Tango came in for rehoming as his previous owner was moving and was unable to take him with them. Tango is incredibly timid and around new people. We are trying to work on this and get him used to us. However we  have been told by his previous owners that he does enjoy a fuss but he does not like his tummy being touched or being picked up. Tango is used to being let outside to roam and explore and he has also met young children and been ok with them.
So far we have been unable to get to know Tango's true personality as he is so wary of people but we will update once he has settled in and hopefully he comes out of his shell.

 Blackie - 2 yrs 

Blackie came into Danemere because her previous owner was going travelling and unfortunately there was no one else to look after her. Blackie is a very confident cat who adores attention, she physically cannot keep still (photographing was difficult!) because all she wants is to brush up against you and for you to fuss her. Blackie likes to be pampered and groomed but she is not too keen on being picked up. Blackie gets on well with other cats so could possibly live with another friendly cat in her new home. In Blackies previous home she was predominantly a house cat but was let out to explore for 20 minutes or so each day. If you are interested and would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us.
  Elsa - 4 yrs Tortie & Denzel - 3 Yrs Black and white
 Elsa and Denzel came to Danemere  due to a change in housing circumstances with their previous owner. Elsa and Denzel were both incredibly shy when they first arrived here, they would hide in their igloo beds and were very reluctant to greet us. We gave them time to settle in and now they are full of confidence and will immediately climb out of bed to say hello (or rather meow!). Elsa and Denzel both love a fuss and will purr away, Elsa likes to head bump and roll around when she's really enjoying the attention. Both had access to the outdoors in their previous home, Denzel is a great explorer and likes to wander and roam fields where as Elsa prefers to stay close to home. 
Elsa and Denzel have not been around children before, they have lived with a dog before for around a year but they are both not very keen on dogs. 
Poppy - 11 yrs 
Poppy came to Danemere through no fault of her own as her previous owner was moving house and could sadly not take her with them. Poppy has settled into the cattery very quickly, she was such a confident girl, sniffing around and unphased by her new surroundings. Poppy is a very friendly cat who loves a fuss, she is not a 'lap cat' as such but will nuzzle into you when she wants attention (which is quite often). Poppy does not like to be picked up and would rather her four paws stay firmly on the floor when she's receiving a fuss! Poppy is used to being a indoor/outdoor cat via a cat flap. Poppy has never been around dogs but has lived quite happily with other cats before. 

Pursheen - Approx 6/7yrs
 Kara - approx 18 months

Kara is reserved

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