Cats for Rehoming

  • The rescue is open to the public for viewing between 11.00am - 3.30pm daily. You do not need to make an appointment, just report to reception on arrival.

  • The fee for adopting a cat is £50.00. They are all vaccinated, microchipped, de-flead, wormed and neutered (if old enough).

  • Below are the current cats available for rehoming:

 This is Fred Ė Approx 6 yrs 



The Healing Process



A Former feral at Danemere, Fred has become accustomed to being a domestic cat. Fred is brilliant with people hes very chatty and will happily follow you around meowing for extra attention as he adores a fuss. Fred enjoys nothing more than sleeping by a radiator having a good cat nap. And, as you can see, he is  the purrrrfect 'lap cat'. Fred has heaps of personality- he's such a little character! Although Fred is good with people he will need to be an ONLY cat as he has been very territorial here and needs to be 'top-dog' in his new home. Fred adores dog's and will even share their bed!

Sadly Fred has always has problems with his ears. He has been undergoing treatment for a recurrent type of skin cancer causing scabs and wounds on the tips of his ears, much of which would not heal. The decision was made to amputate Fredís ears completely in order to prevent the spreading and re-occurrence of the cancerous cells). We're pleased to say that he is looking good and recovering brilliantly. Fred is still available for rehoming, if you think you could offer this chatty chap a chance at a loving home please contact us on 01905 345655 or visit him in the cattery for a good natter!




This is Rox (Black with white chest) and Louie (Black) - 7yrs




Unfortunately Rox and Louie's previous owner became too ill to care for them. They have previously been kept as both indoor and outdoor cats but we are unsure of their experience with dogs or children. They are both friendly cats but are quite nervous at the moment. However, after spending some time with them they are slowly but surely coming out of their shells! We haven't managed to take a flattering photograph of the pair yet due to their nervousness and we've missed some perfect photo opportunities! Photo's will be uploaded ASAP. These 2 deserve a loving home as they are such sweet-natured boys.




 This is Bear - Black - 3yrs




 Bear was previously rehomed from Danemere in 2015 but sadly his new owner can no longer keep him. He is a lovely, hansom boy who has had a few hardships in his time. We know from his previous owner that Bear has been attacked before, resulting in a few puncture wounds which have now fully healed. It is with astonishment that despite this, Bear is still such a loving and trusting character! He loves a fuss and will play. Bear has lived both as an indoor and outdoor cat before. We recommend that Bear is not rehomed with dogs but he could possible be OK with other cats - we will know this in due course.



Anastasia and Arnold - 7/8weeks and 11/12weeks 




Anastasia (black and white) and Arnold (tabby) were found together in a lorry yard. As there is an age difference, it is clear that they are not related. We are unsure as to why they were left in this location but we are suspect their mother(s) were pregnant strays. Both kittens were found in healthy condition and have been seen by a vet. Anastasia and Arnold are quite timid as they are still so young, however with a bit of coaxing and some love they are lovely little cats. They enjoy a fuss once they are comfortable and love to play with toys, typical kittens and HUGE dreamie lovers.

They will need to go to a home with experienced cat owners, they will be very timid to start with, as being in a home could be quite terrifying for two little kittens that have never lived in a house, everything will seem very strange and noisy, such as TV's and washing machines etc, they will be worth the patience and love that's going to be required to settle them in. it won't be an immediate happening.


These two need to be rehomed together

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