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Dog Viewing 

  • Danemere Animal Rescue is open to the public between 11.00am - 3.30pm daily.

  • Home checks are required before any dog is rehomed. This can take up to 7 - 10 days as all of our home checkers are volunteers.

  • All of our dogs are vaccinated, microchipped, de-flea'd, wormed and neutered (if old enough). 

  • The adoption fee for all dogs is £100.00 which is non-refundable.

  • The dogs below are available for rehoming. Please take a look: 


Elsa - German Shepherd - D.O.B 28/03/16


 Elsa is a young, energetic German Shepherd who has come in for rehoming. Her previous owners could no longer look after her due to their deteriorating health issues, and they could not provide her with the exercise that she needs.

Elsa is a lovely dog but is very head-strong and excitable as she is still young! She knows basic commands and adores people and cuddles but does need some more serious training.

Elsa is not too keen on other dogs as she has not been socialised very much. This means she barks when approached by other dogs and can become aggressive.

Therefore, she needs to be rehomed as an ONLY DOG by an EXPERIENCED GERMAN SHEPHERD OWNER.



Sandy - Collie X - 10 months




Sandy is a cross-breed whose previous owner could not keep her due to family commitments. She is a lovely, kind dog and once her excitement subsides she is great company. She has lived with children but is quite bouncy and does jump up. Because of this, we suggest that Sandy goes to a home without very young children. We are getting her used to walking on a harness as she can (but not always) pull on the lead. With some more basic training (she knows sit, stay & paw), Sandy will excel in her new home. However, she must not be rehomed with cats.





Bert - JRT - Approx. 10 years

 Bert has returned to Danemere as his previous owner had unfortunately fallen ill and was struggling to give Bert the attention he needs. Bert is a very happy, friendly little guy who is always wagging. Despite Bert being an older chap he loves his walks and is always eager to be sniffing and exploring the world. In his previous home Bert craved attention and had a tendency to bark if he didn’t get the attention he desired however, here at Danemere he has been quiet. Bert is ok with other dogs if they are a similar size he'll happily walk alongside them with no problem however he’s not too keen on cats. Everyone here has fallen in love with Bert as he is such a sweet little guy! With Bert’s need for human affection we can almost certainly see Bert as a brilliant companion to curl up on the sofa with or by the fire on an evening in a comfy, loving home as he approaches his elderly age.



 Dave - Belgian Malinois - Approx. 6/7 years old
 Dave was originally rescued from Romania but was brought to Danemere from another UK based rescue. At the moment Dave can be quite timid however, once his nervousness subsides and he has calmed down, Dave enjoys a fuss and a cuddle (particularly a tummy rub). Dave does NOT like other dogs and is extremely interested in cats - NOT in a positive way! Dave has lived with older children but does get very excitable at times therefore we would only rehome Dave to a household with older, more understanding children 10+ years old. In his new home Dave will need some basic training, Malinois are a very intelligent breed and highly trainable so with some dedication and patience and a few treats he should become a very well mannered dog! Because of Dave’s breed he will ideally need an active owner that can give him plenty of mental stimulation and lots exercise. Dave is a lovely dog who just needs a permanent home to settle into.


 Prince - Belgian Shepherd X - Approx. 3/4 years old
 Prince was brought in to our care at Danemere from another UK based rescue as it was sadly closing down. Prince can sometimes be quite loud and will bark at first, however with a few treats and some fuss he is easily won around. Prince has lived with older children but can be excitable and jump up. Therefore we would only rehome to a household with children 10+ years. Prince has lived with other dogs before but will often bark at unfamiliar dogs when on walks. We are unsure how Prince is with cats, but he does try to bolt when he sees the Danemere ferals. With Prince being part Belgian Shepherd he would benefit from some basic training to take advantage of the fact that he is an intelligent, fast learning breed (he does already know sit/paw/bed). Prince needs a fairly active new owner as he has a high energy level. Prince is such a gorgeous looking pup, we are sure he will make a brilliant companion.

 Kit - Lurcher - 7 years old

Kit’s previous owner had sadly passed away, therefore he has coming to Danemere for rehoming. At the moment Kit is quite timid and lacks some confidence. However, we know that Kit is a lovely dog who needs some reassurance. Kit gets on with other dogs but DOES NOT LIKE CATS. He walks well on the lead, has good recall and knows basic commands. Described by his owners’ family as a ‘lovable dog’, Kit deserves a loving family home.


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